never was the one to keep our plants alive in the sun
feeding all the slugs and ticks that dragged around in the mud
not me

as if it was torture porn this rat piles me up to my neck
in centipedes and scorpions
my dear, don't you know it's a trick?
not me

so if it's my birthday, did i just get lucky?
or did god just toss me in?
lost my little brother, am i just a killer?
was he just a bug i squished?

who were you to call me out on walking on two legs not six
and six times i got swatted down in the mesh
i was gnawing on all yr debris

so if it's my birthday, were you born just like me?
with my very heart and teeth?
ate the other children hatching from my mother
c'mon would you let me feed?


from the death of speedy ortiz, track released November 29, 2011



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