the death of speedy ortiz

by Speedy Ortiz

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written, performed and recorded by sadie
july-august 2011
at summer camp

mixed by sadie and julian
sadie plays guitars, bass, drums, piano, cello, banjo, sound treatments, etc

thanks to jul, cindy, ellen, jaxon, and chuck, who hung around while these got made.

CPR 025


released November 29, 2011




Speedy Ortiz Massachusetts


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Track Name: hexxy sadie
never was the one to keep our plants alive in the sun
feeding all the slugs and ticks that dragged around in the mud
not me

as if it was torture porn this rat piles me up to my neck
in centipedes and scorpions
my dear, don't you know it's a trick?
not me

so if it's my birthday, did i just get lucky?
or did god just toss me in?
lost my little brother, am i just a killer?
was he just a bug i squished?

who were you to call me out on walking on two legs not six
and six times i got swatted down in the mesh
i was gnawing on all yr debris

so if it's my birthday, were you born just like me?
with my very heart and teeth?
ate the other children hatching from my mother
c'mon would you let me feed?
Track Name: cutco
calm yourself, fighters, calm down
do you rip up dollar bills when no one's around?
swore the semi-century would suffer no hunger of sound

fill the slots use and abuse
sand down your throat just to choke on your food
can't you find the balance between chewing me out and getting chewed?

if all my friends wanna cut me into bits
they should throw me on the skillet
make a dinner out of what they get
when they're done they can flush me with the shit
it'll be the same as always, i can't see any difference

summer of infection, pus and sweat in my eyes
everyone avoids me and it's no real surprise
catch em during mealtimes hunting lessers that scurry right by

and who am i to skewer in song?
teeth and claws like predators, meat in their gums
wanna eat a balanced diet, wanna hear they've done no wrong

all my friends wanna cut me into bits
they should throw me on the skillet
make a dinner out of what they get
when they're done they can flush me with the shit
it'll be the same as always, i can't see any difference

get out the knife, butcher me to bits
oil me up i'm ready for the fire pit
when it's done wash it down with all that sweat
your friendless friend digested then it's over with
it's over with
Track Name: phish phood
drove an hour to your house
in the middle of the evening
and all your lights were out

parked to the side of your lawn
hopped the fence into the front path
broke your window with a rock

turned the bathtub on
let the water flood the downstairs
then i stole your father's watch
which was his father's

crawled in your fresh-pressed sheets
took all your mother's sleeping pills
and then i fell asleep
til you came home and said to me

it's okay to love and hate
i love you something in between
you're no ghost you're just some kid
so why are all your songs so mean?

oh i think i get what you mean
Track Name: kinda blew
chomping at the bit for another shot of self-analysis
she says it's fire water, try and sip slow
bought the realistic
on a frozen lake ballistics went off around the ice
now we're swimming below
not impressed with her flotation vest
got her hair all wet, broke her shiny white pearls

she gave me mental freeze
she gave me ballerinas
gave me crystal black cave scratch
she's down for anything

chris lord alge is a knight on the board
makes a mix that cuts through tinsel and deflects off a sword
soundtracked backseat seppuku gutting more than the core
beat the teen center heat licking lips on all fours
not amused by her maintenance bruise
on an outerspace mission stealing chapstick at the mall

put on "blue in green"
it gives me psycho dreams
it makes me wanna screw the entire team
makes me do anything

behind the movie screen
would you hear that scream
she's gonna stab at the heart of the fling

such a pretty thing
when her hair's not clean
when she's twisting the blade in deep
Track Name: ken-ohki
did i betray you?
told me you wanted a shoulder for your head
with a bounty upon it
not like i shaved you
or drained you and sold all your organs o'erseas
still, i refund your trust in me

i act shitty
i'm no judas to fuck with
i just break things
like the village drunk
on a rampage 'cuz he scratched his truck
Track Name: speedy ortiz
one two tell me your big secret
i got two more reasons not to keep it
flies on the ceiling

speedy making magic on the speedway
choose your own adventure
or your own way to waste
flies on the ceiling

it's a ghost from a story
and his boo's getting boring
it's a ghost you swear you've seen
but he doesn't haunt anything

fingerprinting cops put out a query
at a punk show back in hoppers someone asks what it means
to see flies on the ceiling
mating and molting

if i cast a spell it's cuz i loved you
and if you're dead i'll still wind up above you
lay back leave it to me
check out the ceiling

it's a ghost from a story
closing doors draining heat
gangs cry witches divine
milk the sheet and put it to sleep

silhouetto serpentine
take out your belly ring
eyes an eggy cataract cream
eye the flies on the ceiling
Track Name: hurricane speedy
ever the teen in a virgin's first dream, what a life
hidden by pigskin and chasing down tunnels at night
lanterns light the way
come on out and play
i know there's a no face waiting for me

bolt on the skyscape, go follow it into the creek
trains don't stop running from magnets
stop running from me
get soaking wet in the moonlight, terrified
he's just a monster with money
and a big appetite

lanterns float around
does he make a sound?
i know there's a no face waiting for me
i know there's a no face waiting
Track Name: thank you
thanks for never being there
thanks for holding back my hair
while i coughed up rotten meals
thanks for those

thanks for showing me what i'm not
thanks for cutting me while i bled out
thanks for dying in my dreams
really thanks for nothing

you were such a lonely kid
cursing the teacher and doling out hits
to your friends out waiting by the tire swing
thanks for bruising my arm

look i'm tough look i can fight
thanks for stealing my car that night
and leaving me afraid by the dark road side

king of loathing ghost or something
oh my buddy thanks for nothing
thanks for nothing
Track Name: frankenweenie
you're a killer but i don't blame you
i guess you have to kill a few
when you're as cutthroat as you are
said you loved me and i don't doubt that
i doubt the shaking of your hands
as you pushed the needle down into my neck

first you moved away
you left me starving in the august heat
chowing down on the dirt you walked on

but i don't blame you
i guess you have to starve a few
when you're as bloated as you are
it was fine in better times
when you pulled thorns out of my feet
and fought off bears that threatened me
and let me ride in your front seat

oh you put me so down
so low these lumps of body melted with the ground
imaginary friend, that's all i can be
just floating inside your bad dreams

but i don't blame you
you choke me you play cruel
but i don't blame you
i grinned through it all
i was your good dog
Track Name: blondie
dogs wanna bark and the wind wants to blow
i wanna be with you, don't tell me no
ask harold camping if this earth will quake
i'm all excited about it, i'm shaking

insomnia my one true love
you fit with me like some blood on a glove
drunk on a plane 'cuz i got a new man
the engine's caught fire, the wind understands
pick me up, blown away

you turn in an open grave
trees falling on power lines, this home a dark cave
howl in the basement, they're scared to go out
all of you dogs get the fuck out my house
this'll get ya blown away