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The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker .​.​.​Forever

by Speedy Ortiz

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    PHYSICAL RELEASE DATE is JANUARY 28th, 2022. Orders will not ship until then.

    Double LP on limited edition ruby & coke bottle clear vinyl, featuring a liner notes essay and unearthed photos and journal scans from 2011.

    Includes digital pre-order of The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker ...Forever. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
    digital album releases November 12, 2021
    item ships out on or around January 28, 2022
    edition of 1000 
    Purchasable with gift card

      $30.99 USD or more 


  • Streaming + Download

    Pre-order of The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker ...Forever. You get 1 track now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.
    Purchasable with gift card
    releases November 12, 2021

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  • PRE-ORDER. Will ship in NOVEMBER. From Craft Tea: "Ten years ago, Speedy Ortiz was D.O.A. We’re going to try resurrecting them with a high-octane blend that has burgundy and oak characteristics to celebrate the anniversary. Fans of Sad13’s Haunted Breakfast can expect another exceptional tea heavy on aroma and mystique.
    The concept of the blend is Russian Caravan but with Speedy’s tour bus as the vehicle. Keemun and lapsang souchong produce a smoky and wine-like flavor profile that is rounded out nicely by the spicy and smooth Shangri La Oolong, an oolong from Nepal with tasty notes of campfire and caramel malt. Last but not least, lavender adds a hint of sweetness, therefore makes a good companion for the van!" Artwork by Sarah Cowell @sc0wll
    shipping out on or around November 12, 2021

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  • T-Shirt/Apparel

    PRE-ORDER. Will ship in NOVEMBER. Designed by Stephanie O'Byrne ( Bella+Canvas 3001 Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee. Not available to ship to Australia or New Zealand.
    shipping out on or around January 21, 2022

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Hexxy Sadie
Cutco 04:04
Phish Phood
Kinda Blew
Speedy Ortiz
Hurricane Speedy
Thank You
All Red
Let’s Get Evicted
Open Sesame
Bill Sauce
Summon It
Meat of Contract
Son Of


It’s been ten years since Sadie Dupuis recorded the first Speedy Ortiz songs, a solo experiment that quickly became her full-time band. Since then, Speedy has produced an expansive and critically revered discography, toured worldwide, and inspired next generations of bands with inventive songwriting and advocacy to better the music industry. But in 2011, the younger Dupuis was struggling through concurrent traumas: heartbreak from first love, leaving her hometown of New York for Massachusetts, and the grief of losing several young friends. Speedy’s first songs glowed within the contrast of noisiness and intimacy, raw sonic elements that came with closely processing vulnerabilities and Dupuis’ insistence on performing and recording each instrument alone. As the new project fielded show offers from favorite show spaces like Death By Audio and Shea Stadium, these early tracks became the springboard for the playfully melodic and cleverly distorted style for which Speedy Ortiz as a full band is celebrated. Now, ten years later, Speedy’s first self-released collections will be widely available for the first time and reissued as a double LP The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever, alongside previously unreleased tracks, reflective liner notes penned by Dupuis, and unearthed photos and journal scans from that era.

The tracks on The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever were written after student-created prompts while Dupuis was teaching a songwriting class at the same summer camp where she’d first learned guitar. "Hexxy Sadie” was written in an hour, like the rest of the songs, and on Dupuis’ twenty-third birthday; using explosive riffs and distorted harmonies, she explores her uncertain yearning as a twinless twin. "Frankenweenie" came from the prompt “dog,” and over brooding piano, spry tambourine, and eruptive snare, Dupuis sings from the perspective of a dead childhood pet about forgiveness. “Cutco,” which navigates tricky chord changes with deft guitar passages and ironic deadpan, grins at the bitterness of friendships gone awry. These early songs highlighted Dupuis’ remarkable talent at dissecting specific emotions and moments, analyzing the many ways the pieces fit together, and scrutinizing the places where they don’t.

During the recording process, Dupuis was inspired by the impulsive DIY methods of artists like Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse; a mixing note from September 2011 read, “It's important for the 'concept' of this 'album' that I don't redo anything.” The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever still holds onto the magic immediacy of lo-fi recordings, but this reissue is helped by the technical know-how gained through Dupuis’ solo production work as Sad13 (Lizzo, Backxwash). Remixing in 2021, Dupuis cleaned up edits on her triple-tracked drums, made space for instrumental flourishes performed on eclectic instruments like cello, banjo and timpani, and rewired digital sounds to warm up the layers of intersecting guitars. Co-mixer Justin Pizzoferrato (Dinosaur Jr., Sebadoh), who worked with Speedy on Sports EP, Major Arcana, and Real Hair, further clarified the mix with analog compressors, and mastering engineer Emily Lazar (Liz Phair, HAIM) added a glossy sheen to the stratified bombast.

As Dupuis’ cult-beloved early material finally re-enters the world in a substantive way, The Death of Speedy Ortiz & Cop Kicker…Forever is a seamless fit to the Speedy Ortiz discography that succeeded it, and evidence that Speedy’s biting lyrics, intricate compositions, and daring performances have been inherent to the project since its outset.


releases November 12, 2021

Originally recorded, performed and mixed in 2011 by Sadie Dupuis at Buck’s Rock, New Milford, CT and at then-home in Northampton, MA. All songs July Was Hot (BMI) 2011.

Sadie played: electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums, piano, banjo, timpani, cello, violin, upright bass, ambient sounds, shaker, cabasa, tambourine, handclaps, vocals, “clicks,” drum machine, and the bathroom sink.

Cop Kicker was first released October 11, 2011. The Death of Speedy Ortiz followed on November 29, 2011. A couple ...Forever bonus songs showed up on compilations but were otherwise unreleased.

2021 production, programming and co-mix by Sadie Dupuis at home in Philadelphia, PA. Mixed by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab, Easthampton, MA. Mastered by Emily Lazar & Chris Allgood at The Lodge, New York, NY.

Artwork by Sadie. Digital layout by Rob Carmichael. Speedy Ortiz and The Death of Speedy names from Jaime Hernandez.




Speedy Ortiz Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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